Pre-processing phase page for a New Project

The pre-processing phase introduces the 'test bed' environment study and therefore includes the following information someone designed as the Project Leader needs to provide to start a new project. Feel free to submit the information described below. The information will be sent to the moderator of the website in order to assess the completeness of the information and consequently design a specific page in the ongoing project section of this website. All the provided information would be made available there, and a corresponding forum will be created so that the project participants could exchange information on the subsequent phases of the project.

Please fill up the different information below and upload the building layout files.

Name of the Project Leader

If you are interested in submitting a new topic for a 'test bed' environment, you are encouraged to fill up the form and submit to the moderator of the site for assessment and configuration of the new project page

Classification of the studied system

Specify the building-occupant type related to the main purpose of the building (e.g. hospital, nursing home), along with the design features which have an influence on the fire event (e.g. high rise configuration and atrium space)

Object of the Study

Specify here the objective of the 'test bed' environment study related to the considered system described above (*)(e.g. horizontal evacuation of a patient room floor in a hospital)

Building layout

For the time being, building layouts provided here for use in the subsequent processing phase will contain all the data architects establish in the design phase of a project (**).

Please, upload here all the files related to architectural design. Common formats are from the software AutoCadİ and Revitİ(***read the important disclaimer)

(*) Fire events susceptible to occur in the system and damage directly or indirectly system targets which define the metrics of the system performance. Within a single complex building configuration, it would be possible to study numerous fire events including:

( **) The focus of the 'test bed' studies is related to the capabilities of the tools to describe the phenomena, with knowing the maximum of information as given after the design phase of a project, so that each tool, from the simple procedures found in standards to the most complex, such as computational Fluid Dynamics and evacuation tools simulating human behavior, can be used at their own full potential in order to the comparison to be complete. Studies have been performed to compare results from tools, but for specific scenarios with the aim of determining and increasing the domain of validation of these tools. Studies were conducted on certain types of tools, fire effects tools or evacuation tools (Lord et al. 2006). No study has been undertaken for comparing tools for specific engineering topics for specific systems: for example, and then(but not as engineering responses)

(***) By submitting these files, you make sure that the files are not copyright protected, and legally available for the FPE community to use.